When you love something, emotion often strives your actions. This is the present and the challenge we face every day.

Dafturn Technology is a place where we can realise our dreams come true. Since 2006, we have a storied history of being a great place to work, of developing the highest-quality softwares and information systems for people who want to get them. Software engineering, mobile application, embedded system, information system, and web development are the objects that we develop and we offer.

We also have a non-profit division, please visit http://dafturn.org/ for further information.

And finally, we are pleased to introduce ourselves:

Muhammad Faruq Nuruddinsyah, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.
Faruq is a graduate student of Universitas Indonesia in computer science. He also received computer science bachelor degree from Universitas Indonesia. He is very interested in algorithm, computer programming, and embedded system. He knew about computer programming when he was 12 years old. He also has been creating free-and-open source softwares, i.e. Ofris, daftOS, Thumblo, Luxi Framework, etc.,

Phone: +62-85719413665,
Email: faruq@dafturn.com ,
Haudy Abdoel Qodir, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer.
Haudy received bachelor degree from Universitas Indonesia in computer science. Beside information system, he is also interested in web development and networking. His high performance in communication and business strategy brings him to the Chief Business Officer position.,

Phone: +62-85691119712,
Email: haudy@dafturn.com ,
Mirza Nur Hidayat, Adviser.
Mirza finished his degree, bachelor (Universitas Gadjah Mada) & master (Universitas Indonesia), in applied physics. He was very delighted to do a research at the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, and Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Microelectronics and electronic devices are the objects of his study. And his latest research is on carbon nanotubes and photo-electro-chemical systems. ,

Phone: +62-85714069911,
Email: mirza@dafturn.com ,

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