Electronic Medical Records

To contribute and to join in the development of public health will always be a part of our dreams. Neither medical doctors nor public health practitioners, we are just ordinary people who want to learn and to follow recent topics on the development of public health in our beloved country, particularly in its management system. The Dafturn Technology's simple electronic medical records, also known as EMR, is a free software and a database programme for medical or clinical management purposes, and it is dedicated to the rural and non-urban clinics around Indonesia.

Academic Information System

There are many Indonesian renowned scientists and engineers in the world. But in the other side, the quality of education in Indonesia generally still needs boost actions. Many people call it an education action or EduAction. The Dafturn Technology's academic information system, known as SIA, is a free software and a database programme for academic or school management purposes, and it is particularly dedicated to the rural and non-urban schools around Indonesia.

Admission and Enrollment System for Insan Cendekia Boarding School Serpong

Everybody knows that Insan Cendekia Boarding School Serpong is a well-known senior high school in Indonesia. Its students have a high level of education, a very good achievement and motivation, and last but not the least, a great attitude. These phenomena can be made as a reflection on the development of education in Indonesia. According to the phenamena mentioned above, we, the Dafturn Technology, are interested in creating and developing the admission and enrollment system for Insan Cendekia. On Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 we met the principle and the committee of the school. We shared the programme, presented and discussed it. It is a free system and dedicated to the school. The programme has been launched, and can be found on http://penerimaan.ic.sch.id/.

Luxi Framework

Luxi is a simple PHP framework with very light-weight code but luxurious. It is a free and an open source framework, its size approximately only 76 kilo bytes, and comes with so many libraries that you need. It also has a high reliability for your complex systems, you do not need any external modules in your PHP, and many more. For further information and user guide please click here: http://dafturn.org/programmes/luxi/ (page will be uploaded soon).

Dafturn Ofris

Ofris is an open source application that can freeze your Linux, it is like Deep Freeze in Microsoft Windows operating system. So, you can lock your system by using this application. Feel free and open with this application. You can download it on http://dafturn.org/programmes/ofris/ (file will be uploaded soon) or http://sourceforge.net/projects/dafturnofris-id/.

Dafturn Thumblo

Thumblo is a free application that will block all viruses from the removable disk. It also paralyzes the viruses. It only runs on Microsoft Windows operating system (i.e. Windows XP, Windows 7). You can download it on http://dafturn.org/programmes/thumblo/ (file will be uploaded soon).