The sun will always shine in the morning, and so will we
A new day that we have to work with our passion and sincerity
And at night, a little star will also twinkle beautifully
This is a great moment for us to pursue our dreams to share what we have to the people

This is the Dafturn Technology's non-profit division site, a division that tries to share our programmes we have created. The programmes are particularly intended to education and medical information systems, such as electronic medical records. But, our services are not only limited for both of them. We also provide other programmes like open source softwares.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves:

Muhammad Faruq Nuruddinsyah
+62-85719413665 /

Haudy Abdoel Qodir
+62-85691119712 /

Mirza Nur Hidayat
+62-85714069911 /

Muhammad Farid Nakhrawi
+62-85694903737 /